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Seven Things You Should NEVER Do In Affiliate Marketing

The Seven things you should NEVER do in Affiliate Marketing

1. NEVER – Ignore you audience

Much of affiliate marketing is based around community, if you expect to put up a website with lots of products and affiliate links and never do any more than that then you will have a long wait before you start making any money. You are much more likely to make money if you have an audience, so engage with them

2. NEVER – Over promote

Even if you build up a following of 100,000 people, if you are constantly just sending out promotional messages then you run the risk of just becoming noise to your followers and they will tune you out. I have seen this so many times on twitter for example, you follow someone because you think then may have something useful to say but then you get 100 tweets a day from them that just fill your time line and you end up not actually taking any notice of what they are saying. So if you are going to promote your products through social media make sure you are not just blasting hundreds of messages, make sure you mostly give information that is of value otherwise you will be tuned out

3. NEVER – Write crap

If you are using the content marketing strategy to grow your audience, and this is a valid method, do not insult them by spinning articles that just end up reading like a badly translated instruction manual. I hate seeing a headline from a blog post and thinking that might be interesting, so I take the time to click through and start reading and get 2 lines in and just have to give up. It is obviously an article that has been written by someone for the sole purpose of publishing something and has been spun using an article spinning software.

4. NEVER – Fill your page with adverts

There is nothing worse than visiting a site expecting to read something interesting and then having to actually look for the content between all the adverts. This puts me off completely and I just leave the site. I would say that on any page of content, (that is what you can view on your screen at any time), there should be no more than 3 adverts showing. This is just my opinion based on my own user experience

5. NEVER – Slag off the competition

No matter what your industry there will be someone else competing against you. Chances are if you are starting in a new industry or niche these others will already be established and have a customer base. One thing you should never do is try to build your customer base by slagging off your competitors. This has never been a good strategy, even in the off line world so don’t do it. If you have a product that you truly believe can compete then you need to make your website better than the competition and win customers that way.

6. NEVER – Mislead your audience

This is an obvious one I know, and every blog you read about affiliate marketing will tell you to be honest about what you are doing. I agree with this completely. If you are promoting a product then make it clear thats what you are doing. If you intend to send someone to another site to make the sale then they should know. Otherwise when they click a link and end up on amazon or some other landing page they get confused and may just leave.

7. NEVER – Give up

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn a living but it takes time. You need to be patient and don’t expect the big rewards to come over night. Some people can take years before they eventually hit the right formula and start making money. The truth is that you must have started doing this because you had a passion about achieving something… well just remember that passion and keep going

Disclaimer – I just have to add here that all of the above information is based on my own opinions and experience.

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Good Luck


Probably the best SEO Tools available anywhere

SEO Tools don’t come much better than this

SEO PowerSuite
When it comes to SEO I am relatively new to it, however about 1 week ago I came across this software package called SEO Powersuite and it is awesome!

I have been trying to find ways of checking my rankings in Google and other search engines for ages, tried lots of the free SEO tools and rank checker websites but they are limited. So when I downloaded this software and started using it I couldn’t believe how good it is.

Here are just some of the things you can do with it.

  • Research Keywords
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  • Shape up your website structure
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All this plus some of the most comprehensive training guides and tutorials I have ever seen on Search Engine Optimization techniques.

The bottom line is that if you have anything to do with SEO or just getting started with it, then you simply must have this software.




How to Install Free Fonts from Dafont

Video Tutorial on How to install the free fonts from Dafont

Dafont is great if you are looking for Free Fonts for any project or document you may be working on, it has an abundance of Free Fonts that are available for anyone to download and use.

There are literally hundreds of really cool Free Fonts available that anyone can download and use. There are some commercial restrictions so if you are planning on using them in a commercial environment then I suggest you check the Terms and Conditions to make sure its OK to use.

Its always nice use new fonts on a document because I think it can inspire a new creative direction. I will give a word of warning though, There are so many Free Fonts on Dafont that you could waste many hours looking through them all.

The Free Fonts are very easy to install and below is a quick Video with showing my screen while on and exactly how to install the fonts.



Day 34 – Time to reflect

Day 34 of 2012 on

Its been a busy week, which is why I haven’t posted for a while, sorry. Been busy working on a few websites which are now live. this is for a local carpentry company. Also put up a niche site for the best love quotes. Thought I would try my hand at this niche blogging and see what happens.

I’ve been really struggling with the whole telesales aspect of my Web Site company so have decided to outsource it. I used a site called which I think is mainly UK based but its like Elance. I found a guy who only lives a few miles from me so I have given him the task of calling prospects for me. I am paying him for 1 day of calling to see where it gets me. Hopefully should get a few appointments and customers from it. I really hope so, my bank account is looking pretty slim at the moment.

Also been having trouble with my boat. Some major engine component broke down and has had to be sent away for repair. It’s going to cost a fortune to get it fixed which is really bad timing. But I guess that’s what comes with owning a business.

I’m actually quite excited about the niche blog I’m working on, I had the idea on Monday and did the keyword research, built and published the site on Tuesday and its already ranking on page 1 of the UK Google search results. Which I’m pretty pleased with. Not much traffic yet but hopefully will pick up over the next few days. I’ll keep you informed.

We are now in February, day 34 of 2012, and as many people have done, I checked progress against my goals. Not too good… havent been to the gym once….but I did quit my job in Jan so I suppose that’s kind of an excuse. I really do need to get fit though, especially now I am working from home.

OK, thats all I have to report for now.

Speak to you soon




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Day 23 – The Idea becomes reality

Day 23 of 2012 on I have just launched the Business Mastermind HQ Website. This was the idea that I have been working on for a few weeks and I have just published the pre-launch registration page.

Basically I wanted to join a Mastermind Group in my area but could not find one. So I thought I would start my own. Which then grew into a much larger idea and suddenly I have this whole business concept in my head that I just had to do something about.

If your like me, you get ideas all the time about things that you think would be really good business opportunities but you never do anything with them. I have had so many over the years and then kicked myself when I see someone else doing it. Well now that I am officially self employed I thought why not just give it a shot.

So anyway thats what I have been busy working on, now I need to promote it as much as possible to see if anyone is actually interested in it.

Otherwise there’s not much else been happening so I’ll keep this one short and hopefully report back soon with some positive news.

See ya


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Day 18 – Still Unemployable…

Wow, its day 18 of 2012 on Doesn’t time fly? Its been a pretty busy week for me, I think I am actually busier now than I was when I was working full time.

Over half way through the month now and not seeing much in the way of work offers. I don’t mean job offers, I mean orders for websites.  Hit the phones heavy earlier this week and got 1 new customer and 2 potentials which I will follow up next week.

Also been working on my new project which I still cant talk about but its almost ready to launch so will have more on than very soon. Having to learn lots about membership sites in wordpress before I can get it fully running. There’s a clue for you.

Not had any other people want to join me on this blog so far, which I am slightly disappointed about. I thought I would have a few. But there are lots of other blogs very similar to this so I guess its just a matter of choice.

Joined the affiliate program for the Optimize Press wordpress theme today. I really like the way they look and will probably convert some of my sites to use these themes. Many of the top blogs are using Optimize press so hopefully it will get some sales for me. Check it out here.

Tried a few clickbank promotions through Twitter last night but didnt get much response from that. Got about 30 clicks but no sales.

So keeping busy but not much to report in the way of big success. But I know that every day takes me closer to my goals. Just keep moving forward.

Thanks for reading

Speak to you soon


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Day 13 – Friday the 13th, Lucky for some?

Day 13 of 366 days of 2012 on Friday the 13th today, many people will be avoiding walking under ladders and black cats etc.  I’m not the superstitious type, I believe we make our own luck in this world. There is a quote that I heard many years ago, I’ve got no idea who said it but it says “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are probably right” in other words its all down to you. I think this applies to luck as well, if you keep telling yourself that something bad is going to happen you subconsciously make it happen…. Wow that’s a bit deep for this time of day….

Anyway, been busy working on a couple of projects today, had to make a couple of changes to some websites that I have built for customers. Then did some work on a new site and eventually got round to working on the website for my new business idea. Still cant say much about it but I have done some research on Linked and got some good feedback so will definitely move it forward. Stay tuned for more info.

Also still promoting some of my affiliate products through Twitter but still no sales. I think I will have to look for some more mainstream products to try to promote. I have a feeling that because the products I am promoting are generally within the internet marketing sector, the people who click through are already aware of them or may already be doing similar things. Any thoughts on that from experienced affiliate marketers would be welcome.

Don’t forget if you would like to join me here and write about something you are doing this year you can.

That’s it for now.

Thanks for reading



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Day 11 – Onwards and Upwards

Day 11 of 366 days of 2012 on Another slow day today, spent most of it driving so not got much internet marketing done. I did however move forward with a business idea that I have had in mind for a while, and now that I am out of work I thought why not just do it.

I had to waste a couple of hours waiting for my wife to finish a business meeting so I found a coffee shop with wifi and set about doing some keyword research to find a suitable URL for the website. There is not much competition for the keywords I have used but there is not really much search demand for it either. So it should hopefully rank well for the keywords but I will need to promote it a lot to get it out in front of people. Will probably use Linkedin to promote it as it will be more of a B2B service than anything else. I’m not going to say what it is yet because I still have to get the website built out and get it up and running. As soon as I do I will talk about it.

I spent an hour making some more calls to local businesses but did not get much luck there. Did not get time to do much else really so that’s about it for now. Onwards and Upwards

Speak to you tomorrow


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